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Power Scrubbing & puresure washing Services

Surfaces such as walls and floors often become covered in a layer of dirt which can be tricky to remove. This can often be a problem in outdoor spaces such as driveways and patios where inclement weather plays havoc with the paving or concrete. Our expert team of high pressure cleaners at Warehouse cleaning service has the solution.
Using a special high pressure cleaning method known as high pressure water blasting, we can clean off walls, floors, patios, driveways and warehouses with pressurised jets of water leaving surfaces pristine and free from dirt and debris. All our high pressure cleaning staff are extremely well trained and qualified. They are always be available to assist you with any cleaning-related queries you may have, anytime.
Power scrubbing is the removal of dust, dirt, oil, stains and other debris from your property using specialized equipment, water and detergent. Our power scrubbing machine drops water and a specialized detergent on to the surface which is then power scrubbed and vacuumed all in one pass.
Our Complete Clean service is our most thorough service, which involves pressure washing the base of walls, around the base of pillars and all areas that the power scrubbing machine cannot access. The machine power scrubs the entire surface and removes debris. For best results, all oil deposits are pre-treated, pressure washed and power scrubbed. Nothing else can get your lot looking as clean.